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How to get your self-worth back after a divorce?

When your "happily ever after" suddenly threatens to turn into a divorce, you feel dejected. The very ground upon which you built your personal world seems to shake. How could this happen? How did the transition from "Its only you, forever" to filing the divorce papers happen so swiftly What did I do to deserve this? Did I MAKE it happen? These are the questions that go through your mind as you rummage to find the answer, forgetting that your self-worth is taking a hit in the process. Most people, especially Indian women, are taught to believe that if anything goes wrong in their marriage, they must do whatever they can to fix it, even if it means degrading their self-esteem to do so. They also believe the after math of a divorce is much more painful and harder to cope with under such circumstances. Low self-esteem and a warped sense of self worth aren't uncommon in women after they suffer a divorce. Depending largely on the relationship to feed th

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