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YES, I stole money from my husband

,, TO  ALL THE LADIES AND GENTLEMEN READING THIS...  Yes, I did steal money from my ex-Husband's wallet.  Every night.    I did not get pocket money. What to do?    I was made to quit my job to get married.  This was the primary pre-condition to approve of this love-cum-arranged marriage.  By the way, this was one of the many conditions.    It was very very difficult inside my head to decide if I loved my career more or HIM.  (THIS IS A DILEMMA A LOT OF GIRLS FACE TILL DATE)  Finally, I agreed to choose him over everything else, ending my 5-year promising corporate career.    The naïve, unexplored mind that I carried, told me that  agreeing to all their conditions will  end this   3-year long struggle to be with him.  And life would be “happily ever after” with him    Least did I know, that marriage is not the end, but a beginning.    In my case, a beginning of a new kind of struggle.    For someone like me, who was not used to sitting at home and that too was really hea

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